We are always on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and other social networking sites for our personal pleasures and entertainment.  Sometimes I wonder how it would be to have a social networking job.  Could you imagine having the sole responsibility and control of a person or a brands social media?

Many personalities and brands have a Social Marketing director or Digital Marketing director.  Even in my past internship experiences I’ve assumed the role in some capacity coming up with clever tweets, getting more followers or likes, and commenting and engaging.  It was overall a fun learning experience.

That experience was the first time that I realized how much social media is needed for businesses.    Its very needed and brands are coming up with ways to find young influential to run their social media worlds.

I ran across a Black Enterprise piece about Gabi Gregg, founder of plus-size fashion blog, Young, Fat & Fabulous who was asked by MTV to compete in their summer contest Follow Me:  The Search for the First MTV TJ.  She won and now she is in control of MTV’s Twitter as the first-ever “Twitter Jockey,” — TJ for short — a digital version of the network’s early Video Jockey (VJ) job.

I had no idea MTV had a contest this summer and I had to learn more about what happened.  Gabi, a Detroit native, was one of 20 contestants chosen by MTV, in partnership with ZYNC from American Express, to compete for a $100,000 contract to be the social-media face of MTV.

Gabi’s role is important for MTV.  As a TJ, she is the voice of the viewers. She will constantly interacts MTV’s online audience, processing feedback from all digital channels and social networks. Using this feedback she reports to MTV execs.  The Twitter Jockey’s role also serves as a digital influencer for MTV; she defines the brand online, mobilizes and engages the community, and continually builds the brand’s digital network.

Then recently I was providing my usually award show or TV premiere commentary for last week’s Grammy’s and one of my followers retweeted @MarcJacobsIntl’s tweet reading:

What a dream!  But I could not come up with something clever in 140 characters and it looks like many people could not either, because a later tweet read:

‘Be clever. Smart. Understand our DNA. Say it in one tweet! That is your interview!’

They are still looking and interviewing so we all still have time to come up with something clever.  So my question to you is could you sell yourself in 140 characters or less?


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