There is so much news out there.  Radio, television, and papers are a constant in our lives.  When we open our web browsers and log on to our social networking sites or view our favorite blog that same news is being shared and talked about virally.  Nowadays we all can be that reporter and we have the opportunity to become a personality, guru, or expert.  But what if your talents aren’t in writing?  Or what if you want your message to disseminate to a broader audience?

Well, audio is a new way to develop your social network brand.  People and companies are experimenting with audio to reach more people.  The way they are doing it is through Podcasts.  Anyone can make a podcast.  As long as you have a microphone and Internet then you are good to go.

Podbean is a popular platform to start a podcast career.  Podbean helps you get published, it has great promoting tools and the opportunity to get paid through advertising.  Sounds great doesn’t it, but it gets better. You even have the opportunity to have your podcasts on iTunes for free.  iTunes is the largest and most well known holder of podcast.

Everyone is creating a podcast on just about any subject you could think of.  One of my internships was in the beginning stages of creating a podcast for its art exhibit.  Many radio stations or radio personalities have podcast that can be downloaded for free.  Religious leaders, polictians, professors, experts, and the “average joe” have podcast.

This audio venture is great.  In our fast paced and time consumed lives, we can’t possible hear everything.  If you miss your favorite radio program, podcast gives you the option to hear it later at your convenience on either your computer or it can be downloaded to your iPod.  If you missed church or wanted to hear your pastors’ phenomenal sermon all over again then podcast gives you that option.

I think this tool is great for the aspiring radio and television personalities out there.  This is, also, a great way to expand a blog or even provide a wider audience to share your expertise or advice.

My friend and fellow Bison told me about a blog that features podcasts to enhance it. It is Jozen Cummings‘s blog and he is using podcasts to expand his blog, “Until I Get Married”.  His podcast has helped his brand and getting him national attention.  He was just recently featured in the Washington Post.  The next post is one of his podcast, check it out.


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