According to LA Times columnist, Gregory Rodriguez, getting a “buzz” is no longer a  je ne sais quoi now that companies are learning how  to use social media.  There are millions of people constantly updating and sharing their opinions via social networking sites.  How do business sort through the noise to select  the information that is beneficial for their companies reputation and rate of return?

Hootsuite’s blog post, “Finding Signal in the Noise of Social Media” offered some great tips.

Start by listening.


Look at the conversations that are going on about thetheme of your business.  For example a cupcakery would need to look at the conversation about cupcakes and follow those who are talking about it and join their conversation.  There are also, positive, neutral, and negative statements that users can make about a company or product.

Companies have to pick and choose which statements that are essential for response.

Use Location Based Services. Learn how to be apart of the location based applications like Foursquare.  Locate consumers close to your business and offer them coupons and incentives to stop by and spend.  I joined Foursquare two weeks ago, and I absolutely love it.  At first I was concerned about privacy, but you can control who views your check-ins.  You decided whether you want your Facebook friends or twitter followers to see your location.  Since joining, I have received amazing perks and offers when I check into my favorite eateries and I’ve become intrigued with the badge for the number of check ins you accumulate.

Reach out to influencers. Identify key leaders and influencers in your industry or expertise and reach out to them.  It is a great way to get more people on your team that will help get your brand more social media esteem.  As a public relations student, I follow leaders in the industry that I want to work in to help build a connection.

Amplify by Sharing. Retweet other people and if people retweet or mention you show gratitude.  Use hashtags that can create a trend and a link for people to search your brand.

Instant Focus Group. Social media is a great way to get feedback.  Ask your audience questions that could help build your online brand and your online relationship.

Keep on the look out. Monitor what people are saying about you so that you can quickly respond to any rumors or negative commentary about your brand.

Check out the Social Media Examiner for more ways to cut through the noise.


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