Since I’m pursuing a career in communications, it is essential that I use ethics on social media websites.  I believe that without out ethics you become irresponsible and unreliable.  Your name is all you have at the end of the name and a positive repertoire and not a negative one should support your name.  Two of the main issues with ethnics in social media have been about the privacy of users and how their content is being used and how publicist are using commentary and payment on social media to support their brand.

According to RW Connect, “User-generated content has become ubiquitous and it is not surprising that marketers are focusing more attention on social media as an online channel to communicate with consumers and to commission market research to gain insight into consumers’ opinions, attitudes or behavior.”  Market researchers have been under fire from scraping comments from users of a private web community without getting the permission from the webhost.   Many laws are under work on how to protect the privacy of social media users. Publicists have also used these communities to comment about their clients and or pay or offer incentives for others to comment about their clients.  Now publicists are required to identify that they represent their company whenever commenting on social media websites about their clients.

Journalist also has abided by the new ethic rules associated with social media.  Journalists have now acquired guideline on addressing critics on social media and using information for social media as sources.  According to, “the Washington Redskins have banned writers from tweeting or blogging while watching practices.  The National Football League bans players and coaches from using social media such as tweeting for 90 minutes before, during, or some a time after a game.  Check out this blog post on more do’s and don’ts for journalistic social media use.



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