Privacy has become an issue with today’s social media.  As social networks try to generate revenue from marketers and advetisers, privacy settings are changing.  With a click of a button, you can be sharing more than you ever wished to share.

I have had my issues with privacy lately.  It all began when I decided to delete people because my newsfeed became filled with negativity and hopelessness I knew that things had to change. My friend warned me of doing this.  He said people will become spiteful and will be personally offended for the Internet deletion.  But I did like Kanye and shrugged and did what I wanted to do.

Soon it seemed to spread that I deleted folks, and of course it became a big deal.  People refused to let me delete them and they repetitively kept friend requesting me.  Did you know that Friend Request no longer have a deny button?  When I simply hit ignore those people immediately had access to my profile updates.  If I did not respond at all they still had the same access.  I found this out when I friend requested a colleague who had not checked her friend request, but I could see her updates and profile changes.  If you don’t want anyone on your page you basically have to accept their request and “unfriend” them the same day.  I had one person to obsessively friend request and I had to block her.  Like any pretty girl, I get a constant stream of friend requests from promoters and weird guys just imagine how much access they have had.

According to Ignored Facebook Friend Requests Can View Some Of Your Updates that, “Facebook explicitly asks you to report the individual if you don’t know the person. Since Facebook assumes you actually know the individual when you click “Not Now”, the company also thinks it makes sense to make your public updates visible to the user.”

Facebook has several applications.  Have you ever looked at the permission clause before you click accept.  Many of the apps request your permission to have access to your profile, address and information.  Even newspaper websites request this permission if you try to share one of the articles to your Facebook or Twitter.  Check out Facebook Privacy: 10 Settings Every User Needs to Know

One day I “googled” myself, and a website known as Spokeo surfaced on my search list.  Spokeo sources information about an individual such as name, address with google street views, estimated income, family members, etc. from various social networks and search sites and displays it in a neatly packaged, publicly accessible profile.  My time on that site was scary.   Check out the article on how Spokeo has affected one man’s search for employment.

I think we all get so caught up on sharing that we forget to look at privacy disclaimers when we use online services. Patrick Courtney makes a great case for this with his post, ” Spokeo Sheds Light on Privacy Issues”. The things that we share can definitely impact our future.  So be careful and be warned because this issue isn’t going anywhere anytime soon unless tighter federal regulation comes into play.


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