I was introduced to social networking in my junior year of high school.  My friends kept giggling about what was happening on MySpace and encouraged me to make a page.  From there I have moved along with the trends of what is hot in social media and what is not.  My freshman year of college I joined Facebook, and a year later I joined Twitter.  As we all know MySpace is almost obsolete in our vocabulary and you know you are over Facebook when you start deleting friends.  However, Twitter is the new, the now.

Twitter is the most impressive social media that I actively participate in.  With Twitter I’m able to keep in touch with hometown friends.  I’m also able to stay connected with campus activities.  The best part about my Twitter experience is having the ability to interact with leaders in public relations industry and read about trends and how publicists are growing their business.  Many alumni from my college are active twitterers and I’ve had “tweet ups” with them and I’ve been invited to alumni functions to expand my network.  I was even retweeted by Kerry Washington with details on where to see her current movie, “Night Catches Us”.

Twitter is a very powerful tool.   If you play your cards right you could be like Britney Spears, Ashton Kutcher, President Obama, Ellen DeGeneres, and Lady Gaga.  They are the five users who have the most followers on Twitter.  Whatever they tweet reaches millions of people which makes them leaders in influence.  A study shows that Twitter even influences the stock market.  Like Kanye West said, “No one man should have all that power.”

The below video makes fun of how powerful an influential twitterer, Big Tweet, can get and how the world is trying to shut Big Tweet down by deleting him.  Even Facebook is out to get Big Tweet.  Actors Brandon T. Jackson and Sydney Poitier star in this short about the ultimate face-off between Twitter and Facebook.

Big Tweet from Brandon T Jackson

Just like YouTube stars or influential bloggers, people who have a large following on Twitter are getting paid by companies to tweet about their websites or products.  Kim Kardashian and 50 Cent are two celebrities who are cashing in on this new way of advertising.   Do not forget about the “regular folks” who are also cashing in.  Was it just pure luck that “Sally Sue” was able to quit her job at FedEx and become this top paying social media guru?  Or did she study the trends and implemented tactics to help her rise to fame?  Either way I wouldn’t mind getting paid advertising dollars to influence.

Klout is a tool that you can use to measure your influence on Twitter.  Klout is perfect for companies to measure their social media objectives.  My internships with Smithsonian’s Anacostia Community Museum and Susan Blond Inc. used the tool to help keep track of how well they engaged on Twitter or to manage their clients influence onTwitter.  Klout analyzes how much your message is amplified, if you engage with influencers and how strong your reach is.

There are people out there who have yet to experience Twitter.  Many of them refuse because they say its too complicated or they ask why would anyone care about what I had for dinner?  Twitter is so much more than that, it is micro blogging and you can share your experiences with as many people who want to read about it.  Do not be afraid to open yourself up to this world of social media.

I hope with some of my posts  I can take you all on my journey of curiosity with social media.  As I learn about different social tools and applications I hope I can share them with you, and we can both learn something new.


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