Audio is better than text.  Video is always better than audio, which makes videos the best way to enhance your personal or corporate brand and influence.  With websites like YouTube, Veoh, Vimeo, and Hulu anyone can upload their videos to create an online presence.

Just like bloggers and twitterers are getting paid to advertise so are vloggers.  If you can get a steady couple thousand views on your videos then you can become a YouTube star.  YouTube is a host of many video shows that discuss a variety of topics.

There are several celebrities that rose to fame using video sharing sites.  Justin Bieber and Soulja Boy via there YouTube videos.  Another teen sensation, Greyson Chance’s video on YouTube of talent show performance of Lady Gage’s Paparazzi gain national attention and got him a spot on Ellen and a record deal.

Here is a video of Scooter Braun who discovered Justin Bieber and he also discusses the rise of Greyson Chance on the Early Show:


Video is also a great way to share news and display talents.  Remember how many times you went to YouTube and watch Scarlet step on her coffee table to display her singing talents that were over looked after she took a tumble.  Little did Huntsville know that Antoine Dobson and their city would be put on the map after one newscast.  We all have seen the Huntsville, Alabama newscast about a local bed intruder, which soon became so popular that several mashups and parodies were created.    Now Antoine’s “Bed Intruder” song can be purchased on iTunes, he has an iPhone app that can locate local sex offenders, and word on the street is that he may have a reality show coming out soon.

Some people have also used videos to create their own shows or vlogs.  The Skorpion Show is a perfect example for advertised vlogs.  Makeal and Kevin have done so well with bringing an audience that now music artist like Lady Gaga and Jazmine Sullivan are interviewing with them to garner publicity.  Below is their interview with Jazmine:

Since the days of watching music videos on televisions are almost over, and Vevo are now the places to go to watch your favorite videos.  Music videos are not the only copyrighted videos that you can find.  Major networks’ online websites host the video versions of their television series for you to watch from your computer and or share them with your social media friends.  Movie trailers can also be viewed and shared online.

People are not the only ones taking advantage of videos.  Brands, organizations and businesses are using video and video sharing sites to increase their “Google juice” and enhance their online presence and interaction with their audiences.  For example the Miss USA organization created a video for their YouTube channel supporting Same Sky Bracelets, a trade for profit project that employs HIV positive women in Rwanda who survived the 1994 Genocide.



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