I want to continue the discussion about podcasts.  This time I sat down with my friend Spencer Whitney and asked him some questions on his experiences with using podcasts.  He creates podcasts in his internship with SiriusXM.

1. How do you and your fellow interns at SiriusXM use podcasts?

SW:  We use them to create segments for our intern website.  We discuss entertainment topics such as music, sports, and movies.  Our content is college interest pieces.

2.     How do you use podcasts for your personal brand or personal growth?

SW:  Having the podcasts featured on SiriusXM’s website helps get my name out there.  Before this internship I did not know much about podcast.  Now that I use it, I’m able to hear how I sound and I can critique my performance. It enables me to perfect my craft.  It’s great audio training. Since working with podcasts, I’ve learned what makes a good podcast, and I have learn to talk about things that my audience wants to hear.

3.     What are the steps that you take in producing a podcast?

SW: We first create an agenda with talking points.  This helps for our conversations to happen naturally and not rehearsed, and it helps create a vibe with the other person who is apart of the discussion.  Next, we go into a recording studio and test the mics and the sound.  Then all we have to do is start recording.

4.     How do you see podcasts shaping media?

SW: It serves its purpose like any part of the media.  It is accessible because it’s a downloadable option.  You can even download podcasts to your phones now.  The best part about podcasts is that everyone can create it and it’s free.

5.    What is your favorite podcast besides your own?

SW: NPR’s Jazz Profile is my favorite.

Check Spencer and his fellow SiriusXM interns’ podcasts at For Credit Only.

Spencer is a 21-year-old Howard University student from Teaneck, NJ.  He will be graduating in May with a B.A. in print journalism and his minor is African-American studies.  At Howard he has been involved with the Annenberg Honors Program, National Society of Collegiate Scholars, Jersey Club, and he hosted “The Cypher” on WHBC.  This is his second semester interning with SiriusXM.  Spencer just recently received a full ride to UC Berkley to pursue a Masters in Communication.

Congratulations Spencer!


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