Vlogging is a way to be seen and heard.  Many people are creating vlogs (video blogs) instead of traditional ones.  Other people are using vlogs to enhance their blogs and social media presence.  Eunique Hansel created a vlog for entertainment and I interviewed her to learn more.

What made you start vlogging?

I started vlogging because my friend and I thought it would be cool if we recorded the funny conversations we had daily. We were joking around before her poetry performance in the Chicago People’s Union talent show when we came up with the name Brello; I’m brown and she is yellow and it describes us perfectly.

How did vlogging help increase your social media brand or popularity at Howard?

The vlog made us more well known. A number of people I never met would come up to me saying that they thought I was funny and that they loved watching our show.  I made a lot of new acquaintances and found more people I could joke with, which I love to do. As far as social media goes, a number of my followers are people who know me based off of Brello and want to see the things I tweet about.

What are the steps that you took to create your vlog?

For us, the steps included getting a (reliable) camera, finding a quiet location and having something to talk about. We would run around campus looking for somewhere convenient to record.  We also had to find a friend who wouldn’t mind holding a camera or a room that had a table to hold the camera. The first episode was recorded in my dorm room at my desk, but it was uncomfortable since we had to share a chair! Our favorite episode was filmed outside in the spring time!

What are your favorite vlogs?

I did really like Tommy Atkin’s vlog on Facebook from freshmen year. I sometimes like watching videos from different people with locs on Youtube to get ideas for my own hair.

How do you think vlogs will shape our future?

I think that vlogs will be a great tool in the future. Their popularity is growing tremendously. The creativity people are putting forth coupled with editing talent can be a great tool for connections with others, comedy, and learning.

Eunique is a senior advertising major from Las Vegas, Nevada and she attends Howard University.  She is definitely someone that you should keep on your radar.


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