Above is a picture of my avatar for the social networking virtual world known as Second Life.  One day my classmates had to meet up with our professor on Second Life which is comparable to the Sims games.  You can find people from all over the world on this site.  Product placement is used and many brands are placing advertisements and other unique items on this site to drive consumer engagement.  Brilliant!

I had an interesting time on Second life. I enjoyed flying around on the site and using its other functions, but I did not like the harassment that came with the website.  Many people from other countries use this site and would approach me in pursuit of a conversation, but I’m not fluent in Spanish and I have no idea how to speak anything else, so it got quite annoying. There are many other virtual worlds that are free.  Click here for a list of other virtual worlds.

This video explains how and why virtual worlds are growing:


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