Social media marketing is a tool that companies must have if they plan to reach a particular audience that may be actively using social media.  Social media marketing is not public relations or advertising, but it is a mechanism that requires a two-way communication.  The target audience in social media wants to have a conversation with companies, they want engagement and they look to their peers for recommendations.

How can a company use this tool to its advantage and receive a ROI?  Nicky Jameson may have the answers to that question.  She developed 19 “new” rules for social media copy writing to help companies who are joining the social media bandwagon learn to effectively create messages to their target audience on social media.

Nicky’s 19 Rules:

1.     Use Strong Headlines – You have to capture your audience to get them to stop and read what you have to offer.  Make your reader curious.

2.     Make Your Message Desirable – According to Nicky you have to “Craft content that gets attention, stirs interest, builds desire and compels an action on the part of your audience.”

3.     Create a Relationship– Make the message personal as though you are speaking with a friend.  Make your readers feel comfortable.  Make them feel like they can trust you.

4.     Write in First Person– Give your reader’s a strong sense of who you are.  Make the content authentic by using “You” and “I” help make a personal connection with your readers.

5.     Speak Their Language– Know your audience and use their jargon,

6.     Make Your Message Viral– Nicky suggests that you, “write relevant newsworthy and compelling content and people may pass it on virally via popular Social Media Networking Tools like StumbleUpon, Digg, Facebook, MySpace, etc.”

7.     Start the Conversation- creates conversation pieces that with develop a dialog between you and the reader.

8.     Tell a Compelling Story– share the happening of your company’s world.

9.     Be a Mirror– Use social media to show your audience that you are listening and that you understand their needs.

10.  Create Discussion Topics– Nicky believes, “Blogs are an excellent tool for initiating discussion on a limitless number of topics which then may be shared in specific user forums.”

11.   Generate Buzz- uses your content and makes it available for sharing among other social network websites.  Promote your blog or website on Twitter and Facebook.  Create videos for YouTube that can attract visitors to a blog or website.

12.  Use the 4 U’s- “Create Urgency, Usefulness, Uniqueness and Ultra-Specificity to stimulate interest.”

13.  Create Intrigue, Interest and Emotion

14.  Get to the Point– Make it short and simple.  You have to engage your audience quickly or they will loose interest or become impatient.

15.  Provide Social Proof – Nicky says, “Testimonials, expert endorsements, links and referrals are Social Media Copywriting staples.”

16.  Energize! – Be excited about writing for social media.  Love what you do.

17.  Sweeten the Deal- Offer a free deal to your readers.  It will 1) motivate your reader to accept the offer and 2) motivate your reader to take action.

18.  Agitate- “Choose an issue likely to be on the minds of your audience. Then tell them how to solve it.”

19.  Include Keywords- This will help with your search engine optimization.  It will make your content easily searchable and a stand out amongst the million other websites that are a part of the World Wide Web.


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