I love cupcakes!  If you want to make me smile then buy me one. It’s one way to win my heart or be forgiven. LOL! I’ve made it my business to try different bakeries in the city.

I had my 1st cupcakery experience with Crumbs about 3 years ago.  My hometown of Clarksville, TN did not have cupcakeries at the time and either went to Georgetown at night when it was not open or I never wanted to stand in line at Georgetown Cupcakes back then therefore Crumbs got me hooked on this new food trend called cupcakes. My favorite Crumbs’ cupcake is the Cookies & Cream.  I’m not a devil’s food cake fan, but this cupcake is a must try.

Last summer I tried Magnolia Cupcakes.  It’s always crowded and I never have the opportunity to eat the cupcake when I purchase it which is a FAIL.  The first time I tried it I went back to Granny’s and placed it in the refrigerator and when I was ready to eat it was cold and hard and defrosting it took a long time.  I went again and I told my friend that I wanted to try it fresh but we went back to Granny’s and my story clearly went over her head because she placed the cupcakes in the fridge like I told her not too.  FAIL once again.  The funny thing about all of this is that my suitemate brought to my attention that the Magnolia website states, “Never refrigerate or freeze Magnolia cupcakes or cakes.” This should definitely be on display at the store or on the box.  Oh well, maybe one day I will get to have a Magnolia cupcake at room tempature.

This summer I’ve tried 3 new cupcakeries.

Baked By Melissa is a mini cupcake shop with an assortment of flavors and colors.  I’ve tried the Cookie & Cream, Tie-Dye and the monthly flavors:  Rice Krispy Treat and Firecracker.  The monthly features are excited and fun to try.  What I like about going here is that the bite size treats are fulfilling and I don’t feel guilty after enjoying them.

I love watching Bravo’s Real Housewives’ series and the former RHONY star, Bethenny Frankel has her own show.  On an episode of her show, Bethenny and her husband stop by Two Little Red Hens.  I, also, seen this bakery featured in blogs so of course I added it to my cupcake bucket list.  This place by far is my favorite.  The people are friendly and they bakery has an assortment of cupcake flavors and other bakery items like biscuits, pies, cookies and cakes.  I tried a Black & White, Lemon and Banana cupcake.  The Banana cupcake is my favorite from here, because it reminded me of the D.C. cupcakery, Hello Cupcakes where Vanilla Gorilla was my favorite cupcake to buy.

Today I went to Soho, and my friend and I stopped by Little Cupcake Bakeshop.  It was crowded and had a Magnolia Bakery feel.  I tried the Strawberry Lemon cupcake, but I was not impressed.  The icing was amazing but it was too strong for the weak lemon cake.  It was nothing like Hello Cupcake’s Pink Lemonade or it’s Lucy which has raspberry buttercream and lemon cake.  I bought my friend a Red Velvet and it was good.  This bakeshop also offers Blue Velvet.  I’m still not understanding the concept of Red Velvet and how much people crave it, but to each his own.  Next time I go to Little Cupcake Bakeshop, I will try the classic flavors so that I can provide a better comparison.

I hope you all enjoy my cupcake experience in NY.  If you have any places that you suggest that I try feel free to tweet them to me or comment on this post with suggestions.


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