Today is my last day as an intern.  These 10 weeks have flown by, but in such a short time I have blossomed. As my internship comes to a close, I look back at what I have done and realize the valuable skills I obtained here have given me a clearer focus for what I want to do with the rest of my life. 

As I look back on these 10 weeks, I reflect on how amazing my experience has been and how it has exceeded my expectations. This being the first time that I’ve worked with consumer brands,  I was able to learn about a great deal about this industry and how public relations contributes to it.  I’ve had the chance to be involved with programs that allow me to witness client news releases on the PR Newswire, work on digital strategy presentations, contribute to press recaps and assist with event logistics.  Plus the perks have been unbelievable.  Usually PR internships are not paid, but mine was and the agency also paid for my metro pass, relocation and housing at Columbia University.  

On the hottest day of the summer when it reached 105 degrees, the NY interns were tasked to distribute Yankee game tickets around the city.  I lucked out by getting the opportunity to take an air conditioned ride to Purchase, NY to deliver tickets to our MasterCard client.  Later that day Robyn Fink gave me two tickets to my 1st MLB game.  My friend from Howard University came to visit me that weekend and we had an amazing time in the MasterCard Batter’s Eye Café Seats.

I had the opportunity to stay at Columbia University’s dorms this summer. This has been the best dorm room living situation that I’ve ever had.  I really enjoyed my four suitemates and I know that I’ve met lifelong friends.

The NY interns from Taylor and Catalyst had the opportunity to attend The Council of Public Relations Firms’ Internfest 2011.  This was a great networking event and gave me the chance to get to know my fellow interns a little bit better as well as more information on the public relations industry.  I appreciated the opportunity to attend such an event.


Since I’ve been in New York, I’ve had the chance to become closer with my friends from Howard University and friends from past internships that recently moved to New York to fulfill their dreams as well.  I also had the opportunity to meet new people through local friends and family. 

Anyway, I recently had a post-graduate life crisis, but I snapped out of my distress and worry.  I ran across a Facebook friend’s status and it read, “When You refuse to Worry, but choose to Rest in the finished Work of Christ, You will see the Manifestation of Your Blessing”.   I have to remember that as I go through this test of faith during my job search.  I had a weak moment, but NO MORE!  This is my second chance at trying to obtain a job and I will seize it with all confidence and faith. 

I truly feel like my dreams are coming true as I embark on my journey through this concrete jungle.  For 10 weeks I had the opportunity to work with some of the best colleagues in New York and beyond and not to mention had arguably one of the best view of the City.  The 38th floor of the Empire State Building will always be a memory that I will cherish forever. As this door closes, another opens.  I’m looking forward to the doors of opportunity that lie ahead. 


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