Burgers & Cupcakes

I came across a Living Social deal for a restaurant in New York called Burgers & Cupcakes.  I could not believe that there would be a spot that served my two favorite things.  So my friend Kirsten and I bought the coupons and decided to check it out.

We first tried their food.  I had a burger and she ordered a pizza.  Both entrées were delicious.  Next we order dessert and of course that was cupcakes.  They have an assortment of flavors, I choose the strawberry and she got a raspberry cheesecake.

We were disappointed in the cupcakes.  My strawberry tasted like a vanilla cupcake with a strawberry on top.  They attempted to bake a strawberry inside the cupcake but there was a tiny smudge of puree at the bottom of the cake.  Kirsten did not like hers either but she did have more filling than I did.  We had a little leftover on our coupon to get another cupcake but we decided not to.


So I have heard great things about Sprinkles from my friends in Washington, DC.  I also see Sprinkles featured on many entertainment blogs because the owner/founder of Sprinkles is a judge on Cupcake Wars.  Sprinkles’ has shops in most of the major U.S. cities.

I finally got the chance to visit the midtown store that Mariah Carey loves to visit.  They have an assortment of flavor cupcakes featured on different days.  On the day that I visited I decided to purchase a banana and lemon cupcake.

The banana cupcake was good, but compared to other banana cupcakes it was not the best.  The lemon cupcake was good too, but I do believe that Hello Cupcake has the best lemon cupcake.

Molly’s Cupcakes

Day 1- I decided to try the banana and mixed berry mini.

The banana cupcake was rich and fresh.  I can tell that real bananas were used to make the cupcake, which makes this one different from the other banana cupcakes that I have tried.  What I like about their banana cupcake is that it was apart of the basic flavors that they serve which means I can add whatever icing or sprinkles that I want.  I wanted the cream cheese icing but was told that I would need to eat it right away if I got it so I stuck with basic vanilla.  The server suggested the brown butter icing and I think I will get that next time.

Next I ate the mixed berry mini.  When I took it out of the carrying container I could smell the freshness of the berries and whipped cream icing.  I felt like I was at the store and not at home eating this amazing cupcake.  I was surprised that the icing was whipped cream but it made for a great balance to the fruit puree inside of the mini.


Day 2:  My cupcakes held up well for the next day.  I tried the Cookies & Cream and cake batter mini.


The cookies & cream cupcake was also rich.  I am not a devil’s food cake fan, but I did appreciate this cupcake.  Molly’s cookies & cream has a whipped cream frosting with a half of Oreo on the top.  You will notice that the cupcake was dipped in chocolate so there is a nice chocolate coating on the top of the cake.  Once you take a bite a nice fudge filling oozes out of the cake.  It was my chocolate heaven.


Lastly, I ate the cake batter mini.  It’s a cute funfetti cupcake with blue butter cream icing.  The cake was nice and spongy.  Once you begin to eat you will taste a nice cake batter filling which works well with this cake.

Overall, I had a great cupcaking experience with Molly’s.  I would have to make it my favorite cupcake spot in NY thus far. However, I would come here to get an assortment of minis instead of spending money on the regular size.  The regular sized cupcakes were rich and because this place has so many flavors that you would want to try it would be best to start out with minis.  The filled minis are $2.00 and the basic are $1.25.  The regular basic cupcake is $2.25 and the filled cupcake is $3.75.   They have a fall cupcake called apple pie with apple puree that I would love to try when I return.

Until next time…Stay sweet!



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