The Atlanta Cupcake Factory– Atlanta


I went to visit Reneeka in Atlanta and she told me she wanted to take me to the Atlanta Cupcake shop.  It was such a tiny cute shop in midtown Atlanta.  It was Halloween weekend so the cupcakes were festive and decorated with huge candy appliques.  I was not a fan of those but it worked for the holiday.  I ordered a lemon and a pineapple.  The salesperson told me that there would be pineapple surprise in my cupcake.  There was no surprise but there was a dime sized drop of pineapple on top of the icing just the the picture above. The cake was called sugar cookie (vanilla) and the icing was vanilla.  My lemon cupcake was good.  I was hungry from drinking all night so I did not get to savor the taste of my lemon cupcake.

 The Cupcakery– Las Vegas

Before I left for Vegas in October, I looked up some cupcake places to try but I was not sure if we would be able to make it to one of them.  Fortunately, we were sort of lost walking around the Aria hotel and somehow we ended up in the Monte Carlo where we came across the The Cupcakery.  My friend Stacia and I were so excited because it was a place that we had on our list to try.  Based on the website there were a few that took my interest but because of the time of day we were limited to the basic choices for flavors.  I picked out a lemon and Stacia had the carrot cake.  The cupcakes were presented well and I loved the carrying case that we had.  I we both enjoyed the moist cake and the taste of the icing.



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