In a discrete location on St. Marks Place is a dessert bar that you would want to try.  A while ago, I purchased a Living Social deal to get $20 worth of food and drinks at Spot Dessert Bar.  My friend Kirsten and I decided to fulfill our sweet tooth after eating at Pommes Frites and decide that last night would be the night.

Spot is located on an Asian influence block in East Village so I do not know why I was surprised that the diners and employees were also Asian.  It made me nervous because I am not a fan of Asian inspired cuisine but I had to get my moneys worth so I took a chance.

After being seated, my eyes drew to the White Miso Semifreddo dessert tapa that was featured in the pictorial menu.  My friend ordered the Condensed Milk with Chocolate Chip Cookie ice cream sandwich.  Then we both order a homemade soda.  I had Berry Berry and she had the Mango.

Spots also serve cupcakes and I know you all are surprised that I did not order one but I had to try something different.

My White Miso Semifreddo is one of the eight dessert tapas that Spot’s serve.  It included cake with condense milk ice cream in the center, raspberries, EVOO, sesame tuile and raspberry sorbet.   A tuile is a cookie and according to the dessert bar’s menu it should have been an almond tuile.  I also should of asked what EVOO was before I order, because I later learned that it was extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) with was poured over the cake and gave each bite a strong sour taste after the nice sweet pleasant touch to the tongue.  Next time I would ask for them to skip the EVOO.  LOL!  I guess you all can assume that I am not an olive oil user and I usually don’t use it with food but I use it for my hair.  

Kirsten’s ice cream sandwich was amazing and the cookie had just enough chocolate chips.  I appreciated the fact that they cut her sandwich into fourths because in November we went to the Meatball Shop and ordered ice cream sandwiches that were not cut and it was messy.  Spot also serves a peanut butter cookie with ovaltine ice cream in sandwich form.

Our homemade sodas were really cool.  I loved the matching straws and the sorbet that they used as flavoring.  It reminded me of an ice cream float but with sorbet and without the root beer.

I would come here again for the chill young atmosphere and for the cupcakes and cookies.  They have some great daily deals on cupcake & beverage combos, happy hours and student discounts.

Thanks for reading and check out Kirsten’s blog, Seven Bedroom Suite.


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