While trying to find networking opportunities in the City, I stumbled upon Social Media Week 2012.  Ever since I took the social media class at Howard University, I have developed a love for the digital industry and all of its social media segments.  Looking at trends and playing with new social media tools has become a hobby of mine that I am interested in pursuing as a career.

Social Media Week was held in 25 cities this year and there were around 350 events in New York City.  The events included topics on health care, consumers, brands, politics, entertainment and much more.  I unfortunately found out about the week, a day before the registration deadline and I was not able to attend many events of my interest because it was full.  I did learn that I could attend the events for free and I found an interesting discussion surrounding the 54th Grammy Awards and I decided to register.  I also RSVP’d for the Instagram Party and a Google Places event for the same day.

I began my Social Media Day at the Hearst Tower for the “Reflecting on the 54th Grammy Awards” event lead by Beverly Jackson, Director for Marketing, Strategic Alliances and Social Media.  I walked in and stopped by a table to pick up my entry bracelet for the Social Media Week that included a QR Code that links to my Scanz account.

 I was so excited to finally have my own QR Code for people to scan and have access to my digital profile.

 Below you can see the  a preview of what you will see once you can my QR code.

Before I walked in the theater, I connected with a Howard alumna who owns an advertising/media company and who is a close friend with Beverly Jackson who is also a Howard alumna.  It was great to meet these two women and to share with them my story and to hear theirs.  I was able to sit in the front row and watch Beverly share with the room the digital strategies of the Grammys for the past four years and the success of the tools that were used for this year’s award show.

Facts from the event:

3.9 million explicit mentions of the Grammy handle on the night of the Grammys.

The Grammys wanted viewers to watch two screens at once.  They wanted viewers watching their television and also watching their mobile phones or laptops.

The Grammys had 12 social media pages that featured content for contest, articles, photos, music and more.

The Grammys used Get Glue, Spotify, Google Plus and the other major social media tools to push out content.

The Grammys received over 65,000 tweets per second beating the 2011 BET Awards and this year Super Bowl.

Most of the buzz around the Whitney Houston tribute was positive.  81% favorable sentiment.

Beverly stated that when Jennifer Hudson performed the Whitney tribute that Twitter traffic stopped as though in a moment of silence.  People put down the keyboards and just watched.

Top buzzed about moments during the Grammys were about Adele, Rihanna, Whitney Houston and Chris Brown in that order.

(Picture of a chart that shows Grammy artists’ mentions on Twitter during the show and Adele is #1)

The iPad app for the Grammys went to number 1 on iTunes in downloads.

The Grammys used 5 hashtags but later learned that Twitter users created over 100 unique hashtags during the live show.

It was great to live tweet during the event with other attendees.  For more tweets on this event, search #smwnyc and #smwhearst.  All of the events during the week could be viewed on Livestream.

Click here to see the actually event online

Overall, it was a great experience.  I was able to network and learn about how the Recording Academy uses digital strategies for Internet entertainment during the Grammys.  I think that the Grammy team did a great job and I look forward to seeing what is to come and how they compare to other live shows.


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