Have you ever tried to hail a taxi?  You stand on a corner and stick your hand out to try and flag the cab driver’s attention.  Sometimes the cabs will drive right past you because it is already occupied.  Other times the cabs will drive past you because of stereotypes and prejudices.  Many times the cabs will stop for you but will not let you in if they do not want to take you to your destination.  Then there are the times when you make an effort to catch a taxi and it drives by you to give the person beside you a ride.

Trying to hail a taxi is a metaphor of my life since I have move to New York.  All the different examples that can happen when you try to hail a taxi represents the obstacles that I am enduring as I try to accomplish success.  I’m just trying to make it in the City.  I am a small town girl with the big dream of taking a bite from that apple.  I am looking forward to the days when the cab acknowledges my presence, then I get in and I take a ride to my destination. I feel like I’m close to getting my ride and it has to happen soon.


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