As described in my previous post, I enter a Google Places’ contest and I won a seat at Midnight Brunch.  Midnight Brunch is a supper club and the event is a private well known dining experience hosted by Emily Cavalier, who is the founder and chef of the club.  Emily connects food lovers and cool businesses to new audiences using food and cocktails as well as art and local culture. 
She consults on event strategy/production & social media for agencies, startups & food/booze-based businesses.  This month’s theme was Brazilian Carnaval edition sponsored by Google Places.  I won a ticket to this event which is usually a expensive experience.   All the invitees met at a secret location in Midtown Manhattan location an hour before midnight to enjoy cocktails.  I had a great time catching up with people that I met at the previous Google Places event and getting introduce to new people.  Overall there was great drinks, great food and great company!  I am so glad that I had this experience.

Below is the menu of the food featured at Midnight Brunch with some pictures:

Midnight Brunch Cocktail Menu
Cocktails Served by Resident Mixologist Hal Wolin
Custom Cocktails Available During Cocktail Hour with Continued Cocktail Service during the Main Meal
~ Brazil’s National Tipple, and a hallmark of any Carnaval celebration ~
Leblon Cachaca (sugar cane rum), Sugar, Lime


Chicken Croquettes (Coxinhas)

Chicken bites shaped by hand to look like little chicken drumsticks Plus they’re fried.

Mini Cheese Breads (Pao de Queijo)

Delicious tiny cheesy breads.

Midnight Brunch

Brazilian-Style Rice (Arroz Brasileiro)

A sunny side dish, jazzed up with slow simmered onions, plum tomatos and cilantro. Vegetarian-friendly.

Slow-Cooked Black Bean Stew with Smoked Meats (Feijoada)

Black beans get the star treatment in one of Brazil’s most famous national dishes.
Expect smoked jowl bacon, pork loin, chorizo and eeeven some beef jerky.
All pork products provided by Mosefund Farm, a local farm raising high-quality heritage pigs with care.

Collard Greens, Brazilian Style

Olive oil, garlic and salt. Simple. Beautiful. Vegetarian-approved.

Hearts of Palm Salad

Did you know Brazil is the largest exporter of hearts of palm?
Here, we toss them with chickpeas, olives, thinly sliced onion and romaine.


Passionfruit Mousse (Mousse de Maracuya) with Fresh Whipped Cream

Brazilian Style Coconut Flan (Quindin)

A little bite of joy made of coconut and the texture of flan. Like a petit-four, but better.


Make sure to follow @MidnightBrunch, @ECava and @GoogleNYC for more information and opportunities.


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