I’m 5 days behind, but I discovered this blog challenge once it started and I knew that I wanted to participate.  My colleague, Natelege Whaley created this challenge.  I always admired her creativity and I support her writing efforts. I am now a participant in the project and I hope you join in on the fun, too.  Check out the rules below:


There are 31 days in August. I assigned a word for each day that will serve as the theme for the writing challenge that day.

The themes are posted in advance below so write whatever comes to mind (at least 100 words) when thinking about the word of the day. There’s no right or wrong answer. 

Post your piece within that day on whatever platform you choose, tumblr, wordpress, etc. As long as it’s within those 24 hours. 12:00 a.m.-11:59 p.m. So no excuses! You have mad time to do it! lol 


When titling and promoting the post please use the following format: 

i.e #AugustWritingChallenge – Day 1 – Money

     #AugustWritingChallenge – Day 2 – Stereotype

and so on. This is so I can keep track of who is doing it as well. 

Here are the words! 

Wed Aug 1 – Money

Thurs Aug 2  – stereotype

Fri Aug 3     – connection

Sat Aug 4  –  physical

Sun Aug 5 –  faith

Mon Aug 6  – change

Tues Aug 7  – fear

Wed Aug 8  – renew

Thurs Aug 9 – rhythm 

Fri Aug 10  – green

Sat Aug 11 – loyalty

Sun Aug 12 – August

Mon Aug 13  – clarity

Tues Aug 14 – obsession

Wed Aug 15  – rivers

Thurs Aug 16  – sunrise

Fri Aug 17     -getaway

Sat Aug 18   -infatuation

Sun Aug 19 – craving

Mon Aug 20 – message

Tues Aug 21 – pain

Wed Aug 22  – crime

Thurs Aug 23 – envy

Fri Aug 24   – courage

Sat Aug 25   – create

Sun Aug 26  – vision

Mon Aug 27  – challenge

Tues Aug 28  – judge

Wed Aug 29   – memory

Thurs Aug 30  – space

Fri Aug 31    – future

Excited to see how this works out and to do more in the future!  Share with others. If you happen to see this late it’s totally okay! Still feel free to join!  Contact me if you have questions (@nateiege) – N.W.


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