I love theme parks but I’m always nervous to ride the popular rollercoaster.  You know the steel rollercoaster with all of its twist, dips, turns and loops.   Once you are on the ride you never know what to expect and the track changes every millisecond but you are holding on for dear life waiting for that drop.  That same rollercoaster that produces the deafening screams from its passengers that can be heard throughout the park.  But every time I muster the courage to ride and take on the thrill, it was always a rewarding experience.   

My rollercoaster experience sums up how I feel about change.  It brings about mixed emotions on the aspects of my life that is changing.  Change can make me a little anxious when trying to answer the “what ifs”.  Then on the other hand there is a thrill that I get when change is happening.  I get this excitement about experiencing something new, making something better or just spicing things up.  I know “things” is a little vague, but it could be anything.  Whether there is personal change, spiritual change, physical change, professional change or relational change it can all have the rollercoaster effect on me. 

I believe change is something we constantly experience.  Despite it being a positive or negative change, I believe it is inevitable process that we all must endure.  But the way one handles change can attest to their faith or confidence.  I admire people who are graceful during change.  They are positive and can adapt to anything.   However, its disheartening to see some people resist change and pass up experiences that will only make them stronger and help shape their character.  

I know that change is good.  I may not like the thought of the change at first, but the end result of it was a better me.


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