“In our best moments, there’s a part of us that knows it can’t last forever. Even as a kid on Christmas morning, I had to fight back a sense of preemptive regret that the day had actually come, which meant that by tomorrow, it would be gone.  And every time I’ve ever allowed myself to love, it comes with the footnote in the emotional contract rider that you will lose this person.” 

– Christian Piatt, “The Heart of Anxiety: The Fear of Loss”

I was very hesitant when I looked at today’s theme.  My fear is unimaginable yet inevitable because it is apart of life’s process.  I have a fear of loss.  I know I am not the only one who has this fear. 

I fear loosing the people who are close to me, the people who will leave this earth and have a piece of me succumb with them, because I feel that I can not live without them. 

This big fear is associated with a fear that I could not do anything without these people because; I would want them to be around forever. 

Time continues.   The fear of loss did not hit me until some of my high school peers had to bury their parents since graduating.  I realized that the more I age the more my parents age.  I’m not around my parents because I am busy chasing dreams.  It’s a bittersweet feeling knowing days go by without being in their physical presence creating memories without them. 


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