In the recent months, I’ve put much effort into renewing my spirit.  Lately it does not take much to drain me.  Therefore, when I have the free time I want to be free from my chains and embrace everything that makes me happy.

Several things can bring me back to life.  One of them is going to church.   Its great to lay my burdens down and give God glory.  My second choice for renewal is getting my hair done and shopping.  When my hair looks good, I know I look good.  I, also, look forward to catching up with friends and exploring something new about this city with them.  It renews my spirit to be in good company. 

Traveling is a great way to renew my spirit, also.  Sometimes it is good to have a change of scenery.  I love taking trips back to D.C. and planning trips with my friends to take over other cities. 

However, everything that I’ve mention gives me a brief sense of renewal until I do it again.    The best thing for me to renew is a trip home.   A trip home is what I really need right now.  Whenever I’m home, I drive around my city blasting my music and take in how much its changed.  And when I doubt the decision that I made to move, I can always rely on home for the answer.

Home is my reality check.

Home makes me realize how blessed I am.

Home shows me how far I’ve come.

Home tells me how much further I need to go.

Home let’s me know what I need to do for my city once I make it.

It’s what I need sporadically to renew my spirit, energy and focus to make things happen.  I always bring back a piece of me that I left behind in good ole Tennessee.


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