It’s amazing how the body moves to the rhythm of life.  When you are in a hurry your movements are swift and direct.  When you are frolicking, movements seem relaxed and flowing.   However, I think the best moments of rhythm come from dancing.

Sometimes I have this urge to dance and be seen.  The perfect place for this is a nightclub or lounge.   My objective is to find someone to sweep me off my feet in a sense.  When I dance with someone who is aware of the rhythm of my movements, it’s like we become in sync and can dance the night away.

I enjoy watching people dance.  I notice their movements to the rhythm of the music.  The way arms move up and down and how feet stomp and beat the floor. I notice how hips are grabbed as they sway in a seducing manner.   The way hair is whipped to the beat and heads rock.   Each individual is offering unique movements to the same rhythm.

Below are some music videos that came to mind when I thought about this theme and the videos bring “rhythm” to life:


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