Green was my life not too long ago.   Army green. 

I use to sit on the bed and watch my dad prepare his uniform each night.  I was always impressed by how delicate he handled his fatigues but I learned later that it was just pride.  I never really understood what it meant to serve our country until I joined JROTC.  It was like a bonding experience for my dad and I.  He helped me prepare my uniform every Thursday, and he was my test subject for the Sergeant board exams.   He came to the Veteran’s Day parades and waved his flag and I could see the pride in his eye as I marched with my battalion. 

I don’t live 15 minutes from a military post anymore, but I’ve appreciated my experience as a military dependent and I find that my stories interest many people.  Lifetime’s Army Wives is incomparable to the real life struggles of military families who are often forgotten.  It’s not just the men and women in uniform; it’s also their families who face the call of duty.

I am happy my dad chose the military as a career.   He devoted 27 years to serving this country and I am grateful for his service. 


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