Loyalty plays a big part in my relationship with other people. As much as I love to “drop people like biscuits”, there has been a handful of people who have been constantly by my side and on my side. (DISCLAIMER: Please note that I love biscuits and I would prefer not to actually drop them. This is just a saying that I use in reference to ending relationships.)

There are some qualities that make this group loyal:

They will defend my name when I’m not present to defend myself. I’ve had my share of people who loved to tell me what “so and so said”, but would never stop the rumors and correct people on my behalf when I was not there. It means the world to me to know that you won’t let anyone bring me down in front of you.

They are also very supportive of my endeavors. Whenever I needed some manpower for something that I was organizing or fundraising, they always came through.

They are “only one call away”. It does not take them a week or even two days to get back to me. They return my call or text within hours.

They are trustworthy. I know my secrets are safe with them.


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