August and I in 2011.

In August 2007, I met a girl named August. We lived on the 6th floor in the Bethune Annex dormitory at Howard University our freshmen year. Our friendship has blossomed over the years and she has played a big role in my life ever since.

What I love about August is her kindness. She gives her time, she shares her property and she cares about your well being. Our year after graduating was tough on both of us, but she was always optimistic. She offered me encouraging words even when things were not working out for her.

She is living proof of resilience, but this time it’s working in her favor. I’m happy to say that at the end of this month she will be attending American University and starting her graduate program in Global Environmental Policy. I’m so excited to see her enter the next stage of her life. It’s great to see the people you love fulfill their dreams and reach their goals. It’s so rewarding to witness it all and I’m so proud of her.


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