Justin performing at his FutureSex/LoveSound tour in Nashville.

My first obsession was Justin Timberlake.   I loved everything about him and N’Sync.  I have all the albums, the unofficial or unauthorized books, magnets, posters, dolls, stickers, trading cards and any other product that had them on it.  I recorded all of their television performances and I bought Darrin’s Dance Groove just so that I could dance to “Bye, Bye, Bye”.   When my friends came over I made them perform N’Sync songs with me in the living room.  I use to spend hours in the magazine section looking through all the teen publications.  Then I’d beg my parents for subscriptions so that I could place posters on my wall.  My room was a fire hazard.  Every wall adorn with photos of Justin and his band mates.  I even made an e-newsletter and sent out pictures and news on N’Sync to my friends.

Outside the FutureSex/ LoveSound Tour in Nashville 2006 with Reneeka.

But whom am I kidding, if N’Sync was to reunite and have a tour, I would probably shell out $500 for a fan package.  I never got to see N’Sync in concert, tragic I know.  I did get to see Justin in concert.  When Justin was in the two summers ago filming “Friends With Benefits”, I walked around trying to find him based off of some tweets that sighted him in Midtown.  SMH!  Sometimes I visit Southern Hospitality in hopes that he might pop up and by the whole bar drinks.  A girl can dream right!

My obsession is gone.  I still love the guy, but it’s not as deep.  However, sometimes I wonder what I would do or say if I were to meet him today?