Rivers are…

Free.   There are no restraints and no rules.  It can just be.

Constant.  The flow of the very is constant.  It never stops and it never changes direction.

Carriers.   It carries everything.  It can carry cargo and people.  It also carries animals, plants and other fresh water organisms.

Source.  It is the source of nutrients and even electricity.  People and animals need it to live.  Cities were built on their banks.

Life.  It breeds.  A river is part of the circle of life and is essential to the continuance of life.

I  thought about Pocahontas and how she looked to nature for answers.  Below you will find the video for “Just Around the Riverbend”.   Pocahontas rode down the river free of stress and worry.  As the river flows constant, she looked forward to discovering something new around the river bend.  Life is like this.  Life is constant and free.  You carry memories and lessons learned as year’s progress.  You become a source of necessities and strength once you bring new life into the world.  You will never know what to expect with every bend but one thing remains is the steady flow of the river.


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