Everyone always made infatuation seem like a short-term frivolous moment of craze.  Often described as a surreal experience that was broken by a moment of clarity.

How do you know it was just infatuation?  It could have been real passion.  It could have been real love.  Does infatuation become the excuse when it does not work out?

It always seems like it’s the case.  Especially, for those who jump to one relationship to another.  Short-lived romances become infatuated mishaps.

Some websites claim that “when infatuated…we’re miserable when they’re away, almost like we’re not complete unless we’re with them. It’s a rush and it’s intense. It’s difficult to concentrate.”  Now doesn’t this sound like all of the love songs that we hear on a daily basis?  The “I can’t eat, sleep or live without you” songs.

 Clearly, songwriters have us all fooled.  I blame them.


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