“Et tu, Brute?” – Julius Caesar (III, i, 77)

Even though scraps, bruises, headaches and illness can cause me pain.  The worse pain for me however, is the heartbreak of betrayal.  There is nothing worse than having a love one betray you.

That time of pain is hard to get over and hard to mend.  Loyalty is gone, trust is broken and the relationship has ended.  But how do you deal with the pain when it’s family?  When your blood and their blood are the same and that fact is something that you can’t erase or walk away from it.

 I’ve experience pain from former friends’ betrayal and even though they created unnecessary drama, it was always easy to walk away.  However the recent pain that I’ve experience from family still pesters me like an annoying fly.  I can leave the room where the fly is, but it will eventually make its way to where I am again.  

My love is still there, but so is the pain.  I guess the saying, “pain is love” is true in this instance.


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