I am a victim of theft.  It’s happen to me twice personally and several times professionally.

I never could wrap my head around why people steal.  I believe that if you live right and work hard, you will be blessed.  Very simple, indeed but in the world of instant gratification people will go great lengths to get what they want or need.

My parents are hard working people.  They never cheated the system and they were always fair.  I am a hard worker and I never cause them any problems therefore whatever I want or need they provide for me.  It seemed simple to me until I was exposed to a different reality when I left home.

Growing up in Clarksville, I heard about my peers robbing houses or stealing from the mall.  They would take things like underwear or jewelry from stores like RAVE or Claire’s.  From houses they would steal shoes and electronics.  What was interesting about the kids, who stole, was that their parents worked hard and if they asked for those items they would get them.  I, also, worked at a store in the mall and I witness men and women scheme to steal from my store.  There was a time when I chased two women out of the mall for trying to steal.  Why spend so much time on becoming a professional thief, when you could use that time to go to school or get a job? I just did not understand. Then I left Tennessee for D.C. and noticed that people started stealing lives.  Killing is stealing to me and not only was it prevalent in D.C. and other major cities, but my hometown started to see a lot of it, too.  Then I left D.C. for New York where corporate America was stealing from the rich.

Stealing has no ethnicity, religion and no economic disparities.  Many people are doing it and for all the wrong reason.

Below you will find the video for “Stole” by Kelly Rowland:


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