There was a girl that I called my best friend at one point in our lives and one day she pulled me to the side and told me that she envied me because I was smart.  I blamed myself for her feeling that way and I tried everything in my power to make her feel special for her individual talents.  However, deep down I knew we would never be best friends again, because no matter what I did she would always feel that way.  To this day, I do not think she realizes why our friendship did not work.  We have not been friends for years now and there is a strand of envy still standing between us.

Envy is the root for most teenage drama.  It is what made my middle school and high school years one crazy ride.  What I could never grasp is that everything that people envied me for they could have obtained on his or her own.

The green-eyed monster comes out of most teenagers and some people seem to never shake the monster out of them, as they become adults.  It can become quite tragic.  Envy is a terrible thing to hold in one’s heart.  Just let it go.


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