In 2008 on Election Day, I worked with Howard University’s News Service to capture the voting experience in Washington, D.C.  I arrived at Gage Elementary School, which is now closed and turned into a dog park (gentrification of course), before the polls open to interview the line that waited outside.  The line consisted of blacks, whites, college students and retirees.  Vans even unloaded voters who needed assistance getting to the polls.

It was a beautiful day and I witness people go through great lengths to cast their vote.  It reminded me of people who went great lengths to have the right to vote during the Civil Rights era.

After I gathered the information that I needed, I sat in the lab and wrote two articles about Election Day 2008:

Military: Political Views Not Uniform

Reflections of the Dream

Later that night I went to the Blackburn Center at Howard University to watch the election results.  There was an air of nervousness 45 minutes before a winner was declared.  I stood with my friend Erica holding her hand tight waiting for the announcement.  When they announced Barack Obama was the winner a deafening noise of celebration rung through the campus.  We chanted with the rest of the student body and sung songs like “Lift Every Voice and Sing” and “We Shall Overcome”.  Tears of joy ran down our faces it was a great day!  It was a day that I will always remember and I hope today will be a day just like it.

The videos below are great representations of my 2008 Election Day experience, I make a 10 sec cameo in the ABC clip (3:30 mark).


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