In four years I’ve witnessed and experienced many things that influence the choice that I made today.

No everything is not perfect but we are on the right track and I think it would be a shame to steer off course now.

I’ve been a victim of this cruel economy that undermined my skills and collegiate education.

I’ve been poor, unemployed and then underemployed.

But with the rain, I’ve seen a promising rainbow.  I’ve seen an increase in jobs and an increase of my peers obtaining them.

I’ve seen my friends return home from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

I’ve seen my immigrant friends attend four-year universities.

I’ve been able to maintain healthcare benefits even when I was not working.

I see progress but it takes more than four years to turn this economy around.

I want us to move FORWARD as a country and I pray that you all make the decision to keep our President in the White House and allow him to finish what he started.


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