Happy New Year everyone 2013 is here!   I’ve had a hectic schedule lately and I meant to share this post with you awhile ago, but I wanted to share with you all some of my favorite things of 2012.


When it comes to style there were a couple of trends that stood out.


This summer was the return of the braids.  Many ladies rocked the box braids or the “Poetic Justice” braids.  I loved this style because it gave my hair a break from the flat iron.  It also gave me the chance to play with different styles because of the length.

Ronesha and I rocking Box Braids and Senegalese Twist


The ombre effect was a head turner this year.  Although I did not get a chance to wear this look, it was definitely a trend that I loved seeing.  From  Keke Palmer to Kloe Kardashian, women around the globe rocked the ombre.


Check out Tayla’s Ombre Hair Coloring Technique video.



This year was the return of the sneaker.  Ladies everywhere were rocking the causal look with a wedge heel sneaker.  Beyoncé made this sneaker popular in her “Love on Top” video wearing Isabel Marant.  However, this style has been made affordable for people like me and you. Now just about any shoe brand has a wedge sneaker.




Leather has returned, but not just in jackets.  Leather pants, leggings, skirts, dresses and shirts were the new craze this fall.  The popular material accented even jeans and pea coats.

Kim in a red leather skirt

Tailored Pants

Colorful tailored pants caught my eye this year.  Whether it is straight or wide leg this look is great for the workplace and a night on the town.

Designer Rachel Roy wearing different colors of this trend.


2012 was a great year for television.  I believe scripted television made a comeback.

ABC’s Scandal promo

Scandal premiered in the first quarter of 2012 and became an instant Twitter favorite.   Shonda Rhimes out did herself with her third primetime show.  Every week there is another jaw dropping twist that keeps you wandering what could possibly be next.   With a history making diverse cast that featuring Kerry Washington as the main character, you must tune in next year to this great addition to the Shondaland franchise.


Oprah’s OWN Network is still trying to find it’s place in the market, but one gem that this network possesses is Oprah’s Next Chapter.  I believe this show is popular because it is similar to her talk show.  What better formula than to have celebrities in their environment answering Oprah’s tough questions.  Some of Oprah’s best interviews of the year include Rihanna, Usher, Jennifer Hudson, Justin Bieber and she did a great interest piece on Hasidic Jews.

ABC Family’s Switched at Birth and VH1’s Love and Hip Hop Atlanta are honorable mentions.  Switched at Birth is a great family drama about two families whose world turns upside down.  I love the character development on the show and I love plot’s twist and turns.  And of course Love and Hip Hop Atlanta has capture my inner ratchet.  This show reminds me of the some people that I grew up with in Tennessee.  The Southern mentality and the hustle of the show was quite the Internet craze this summer.


I did not do a great job with keeping up with the music scene.  However, I listened to a lot more rap than usual.  Mostly, mainstream.

It was The Weeknd’s year.  Sold out tour and millions of downloads later he has become a household name.  You have arrived when I hear your music playing on a Nashville radio station.  I’m looking forward to what is next for this artist.

It was also Frank Ocean’s year.  He released what many people claim is the “Best Album of 2012” .  He leads in Grammy nomination.  Like The Weeknd he sold out his concert tour.  Frank’s stand out quality is his honesty after revealing is sexuality to the world.  He is smart brave and creative and that combination will get you far.

The Made in America was a great addition to the festival scene.  Thousands of people crowded Benjamin Franklin Parkway in Philadelphia to hear the likes of Jill Scott, Janelle Monea, Pearl Jam and Jay-Z.  The crowd and the music reflected the uniqueness of our country.

Reneeka and I at Made in America Festival.
Reneeka and I at Made in America Festival.

I’m loving the cliques.  G.O.O.D Music and MMG had a great year.  The two music groups were everywhere especially this summer.  And MMG’s Meek Mills and G.O.O.D’s 2 Chains had great debuts  this year with the help of their clique.

G.O.O.D Music
G.O.O.D Music



Rihanna and Beyoncé impressed me this year.

Rihanna is the girl that I have a bittersweet taste for.  She’s like sour punch straws.  The first bite makes you frown and then you get over the sour and you just can’t stop.  She is that for me.

I frown at her interaction on social media.  The pictures are too much and her Twitter content is too.   She just does not care about what people think or feel about her actions.  I personally feel that with celebrity comes responsibility;  I feel she could use her platform for good.  I’m not a fan of Chrianna and I hope it goes away in 2013.  They can do what they want but I just don’t want to see it all over Instagram, Tumblr and whatever blog I’m reading.

Despite the disappointments, this woman does something that makes me like her.  I loved how vulnerable she was on Oprah’s Next Chapter.  I connected with her  during that 40 minute segment and it changed some of my opinions about her.

Rihanna’s GQ cover


Rihanna is BAD.  She slays.  Did you see the GQ cover?  If you got it flaunt it and that is what she did.  I love the sex that oozes from her.  When so many people believe that women should shy away from their sexuality, she proves that there is nothing wrong with showing skin.  She is the total opposite of me and I think that is why I like her.  The BAD that I tame inside of me is living vicariously through her.

Bey’s Instagram Picture

Beyoncé did not release any new music and she did not tour, but she did sting us with the launch of her social media pages.  The Beyhive was created and everyone had to see what King Bey was up to.

Beyoncé is notorious for keeping a private life.  However, in 2012 Bey started to let us in little by little.  She started a Tumblr and then she sent out her first tweet this year.  This fall she set up an Instagram.  Her influence is powerful.  For example people were rocking box braids and high buns all year but when King Bey rocked them it became a revolution no matter where you turned a bun was around the corner.

Her publicist and team always impress me because Bey has always been able to control what information we receive.  No longer do we have to wait for E! News, we can just go to Tumblr to see how much Baby Blue has grown. Her social media interaction definitely changed her brand.  I’m looking forward to how her partnership with Pepsi plays out in 2013.

My favorite moments of my life in 2012

My trip to the Bahamas earned me my first passport stamp.

Boarding a plane to Freeport

Homecoming this year was my first trip back to the Mecca as an alumna.

Reunited with some of my friends at Homecoming 2012.

Nielsen because I feel steps closer to my dream.


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