New York is great but every now and then you just have to get away.  I decided to take a trip to Houston and visit my good friend Erica.  This was my first time visiting the great state of Texas and it was a very interesting experience.

Me and the DJ
Erica and I at the Houston Howard alumni Family Reunion

Anytime I visit another city, I always plan a trip to their local cupcake shop.  After completing my Google search the top Houston based cupcake shop was Crave.


Crave’s shop has a nice clean layout when you walk in.  It was crowded with patrons trying to purchase cupcakes for Memorial weekend barbeques and parties.  What I liked about the shop was that you could see employees making the cupcakes.  It reminded me of how Georgetown Cupcakes have the open kitchen similar to Crave’s.

Cupcake display.
Cupcake display

Crave’s has a variety of cupcake flavors and the sizes are similar to Sprinkles.  After looking reviews, many people suggested the Red Velvet but I was in the mood for a fruitier refreshing flavor so I selected a Strawberry cupcake.  My friend picked out a Chocolate Espresso.

Chocolate Espresso & Strawberry cupcakes
Chocolate Espresso & Strawberry cupcakes

The strawberry cupcake was delicious.  It was the best strawberry cupcake I EVER had.  The cake and the frosting was mixed with real strawberries.  The cupcake had a great cake to frosting ratio.  I believe that is what makes a cupcake great.  You never want too much frosting.   My friend did not like her cupcake.  The frosting was bitter and it was probably made with dark chocolate.  The Chocolate Espresso cake was dry unlike my moist strawberry cake.


Crave also makes seasonal cupcakes and on display was a Margarita cupcake for adults only.  The staff told me that the frosting was made with real tequila.

Crave displaying their seasonal treat, Margarita Cupcakes.
Crave displaying their seasonal treat, Margarita Cupcakes.

As my friend and I ate our cupcakes I asked some regular customers about their experience.  One couple stated that Crave’s fruit cupcakes like strawberry, apple, lemon and banana along with their basic flavors like vanilla, chocolate, dulce de leche and red velvet are great choices.  The couple was not fond of the experimental flavors.

To sum up my trip to Houston, I found it to be a city of franchise establishments.  However, I was glad to discover new places like Crave and the Breakfast Klub, home to the best chicken & waffles ever!  The best part of the trip was spending time with my friend and watching her build her craft as a DJ.

DJ E-Stella at the Houston Howard Alumni Family Reunion
DJ E-Stella at the Houston Howard Alumni Family Reunion

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