Sometime  in 2013, I attended a service at First Corinthians Baptist Church and the phrase, “I am a warrior with a warrior spirit” was preached to me and it replayed in my head the entire day. I had to write it down and post it by my door so that I could read it everytime I left my apartment to face the world.

That phrase feels so powerful to me.  I feel that whenever I say it, I am affirming and equipping myself with the tools to get through anything. 

I think about my post-grad journey and how I am still able to stand after facing several internal and external battles of life.

Right now, I still do not know the reasons why I went through this storm, but I do know that every has one.  I do believe that we all bear difficult times to witness God’s mercies and His blessings. 

I learned incredible life lessons last year that have helped me grow into the woman I am:

I finally stopped comparing my journey to other people’s and I hope this year people will stop expecting my experience to be like theirs. 

I learned the power of hope will keep you going, even when your dreams may haunt you at night.  They can come true.

Padre told me at some point last year that I should just be content with the hospital job and that the real world is not as glamourous as I thought it would be.  He said it would be all that I could expect from life. I told him that I refused to believe that I was not destined for more than this.  I have too much potential to trek along all the days of my life with mediocracy. The day he told me that , I learned the power of knowing my worth.  I hope this year the generation who raised us will try a little harder to understand our ways and what we believe in.

Toward the end of last year, I ran into a Howard colleague who came off rather brash, disappointed and judgemental when he learned that I did not have a career as of yet.  Pretty much the typical response I get from other Bisons which is sad. He then proceeded to tell me what I need to do to get my career going, which I was already doing plus more.   Then the thing that I will remember is that he told me that I was too introverted and that is why I am not successful.  Everything he said was a lie.  He thought he knew my story, but never tried to take the time to listen to my story.  I learned on that day to not let the things people say about me hold power.  They do not know the truth and they do not know me.  I hope this year that the arrogant humble themselves, because this world is fair game.  Never count anyone out because God will give and take away.

Lastly, I learned what faith is really all about. Even though my friends and family tell me how strong and resilent I am, I did not feel that way.  But when I look back, it was all faith.   I learned how to lay my burdens down and I finally admitted to not having control and submitted myself to be driven by Him.  It took many late nights, many tears, many let downs and many opportunities to reach my breakthrough.  On December 26, 2013, I received a call that changed everything.

I am so excited for this year and all that is in store for me.  I waited a long time for this moment… for this chance.

I am truly a warrior with a warrior spirit. 


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