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Since I rang in the new year 99 days ago so much has change in my life. I prayed for 2014 to be different and my prayers were answered. All I ever wanted was to live in my own NYC apartment and develop a career in public relations and now I am.

Less than two weeks into 2014, I left my job at the hospital. It was such a liberating feeling to walk out of the number one hospital of NY. Don’t get me wrong the clinical side of healthcare is an amazing thing and if I went to school to be a doctor or nurse than that would be the ultimate place of employment. However, the administration side was not for me. My true love was PR and now I am working in that field full-time.

My social life is getting better. I finally have a schedule like normal people, which allows me to hang out with friends in the evening. I can join professional organizations and attend networking events now that I have evenings off. My weekends have been epic and I have been able to enjoy activities that I once could not. I’m even cooking more and working on a healthier lifestyle. I am ecstatic to have holidays off and I booked a Memorial weekend trip to the Dominican Republic with my childhood friend.

Last year, I had a breaking point and I never thought that there would be a light at the end of tunnel. My dreams were less and my thoughts were increasingly negative. I almost believed that my past was all that I would amount to. That being underemployed and stuck in a position at a place that I did not care for would be the only thing I accomplished. But God knew that there was more for me. Little did I know that he would turn it all around for me.   I joined First Corinthians Baptist Church this year and in two weeks I will be baptized. I am overwhelmed with joy as I prepare to make this step in my relationship with God. My baptism means more to me than any award or accolade. My dedication to my spirituality was long overdue and I enjoy feeding my soul each and everyday.

I’m happy and living life the way a 25-year-old should! Having faith, being patient and believing in yourself will get you a long way. I am so grateful for this year thus far.  Even though the last two years were tough, the feeling that I have today was worth the wait. I know it all will go up from here!


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