Last Wednesday was a day that I would always remember. I pray that I see many more days like it. Trying to find the best cultural fit in a workplace is like trying to find the prize in a box of cracker jacks. You really have to eat the box to get to the prize and that’s how it is in the working world. Your personality, your ideals and goals should be reflective in your work place. In my short work-life, I’ve experience a plethora of places that I liked and disliked. At this point in my life, I believe I am better suited for a global organization. Larger companies provide the necessary inexpensive benefits for healthcare, retirement and other insurances. They also invest more time in their work cultures and spend funds to insure employees are happy to work there, i.e. “the perks”. I know everything about corporate life is not as whimsical, but coming from a small sole-proprietorship to this it was quite bliss.

When you think about working in the communications industry in New York City, you think about the freebies, the celebrities and the invites to the hottest parties. You follow your favorite media maven, publicist and blogger on social media and you just wonder what a day in the life would be like. It looks glamorous but it “sho ain’t easy”. In New York, this industry is bigger than the place that employs you. You really have to build your personal brand. In my past posts you know it hasn’t been a box of chocolates for me. Well, God’s favor and hard work pulled off and I had a glimpse of what it means to work in the industry.


My day started off by attending the Time Inc. Holiday Fair, where all of the company’s magazines set up tables and raffle off prizes and give out cookies, champagne and magazines.

People Style Watch’s lavish table at the fair.

I remember at my recent place of employment, I got in trouble for wanting to celebrate the company’s 15-year anniversary with cake and wine that I was going to pay for but I digress. On my way back from the fair, I met Michelle Williams who stopped by the office to talk to the staff. She was such a friendly person with a sweet spirit. She gave me a hug! As I was talking to her, my boss grabbed me to go to Real Simple’s sample sale. I left that sale with a bag full of high-end beauty goodies for only $5!

Top Five screening ticket.

Later that night I made my way the screening for “Top Five”. I original attempted to see the film the week prior but could not get in, so I thought I would try again on this day. Upon arrival, I was told that this free screening was the red carpet premiere for the movie. I never been to a movie premiere and all I could think about was Beyoncé. LOL! She’s not even in the movie but her husband is a producer of the film. I didn’t see Queen Bey, but I saw Tity Boi aka Mr. Hair Weave Killer aka 2 Chains. I also saw many media personalities like Big Tigger and AJ Calloway. Karlie Redd who surprised me by her role in the movie was there. Maybe I should not have been surprise. I also saw the gorgeous Gabrielle Union and Hayley Marie Norman.

Chris Rock introduced the film to the audience and for the rest of the night, I snacked on two free bags of popcorn and laughed and possibly frowned at jokes that went over my head. All in all it was great! I was on cloud nine because this was the type of day that I always wanted to experience in New York.

All I ever wanted was to get PAID, feel comfortable a work and have perks! That day was a good day! I hope to see many more like it.



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